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Welcome to Ed's Buckthorn Control

Your Professional Woodland Restoration Service


Friendly, professional, and nature-loving, Ed's Buckthorn Control specializes in buckthorn management and forest restoration services in the West Metro area of Minnesota. Contact Ed's Buckthorn Control now to learn more about the health of your woodland and how it can be restored to a peaceful healthy forest!

Our Mission

Ed's Buckthorn Control believes that it is our duty to oppose the invasion of destructive plant species. We will reverse the effects of these thickets of thieves and restore the forest we all share to the way Mother Nature intended. Buckthorn became a problem due to human complacency, and we owe it to our environment to give back what buckthorn has stolen.


"It was a great relief to have Ed come out to evaluate my yard. It was obvious that he is very knowledgeable and was able to put together a comprehensive treatment plan. He inspired a good deal of confidence that really set my mind at ease. Ed provided knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable service. Buckthorn is a huge deal in our neighborhoods to have someone who knows how to deal with it is a blessing. The icing on the cake is his desire and excitement in helping to restore the woods in my yard to their natural beauty. His pricing is very reasonable. His enthusiasm is contagious!" 


"This is an awesome new company with a passion for keeping our state's breathtaking forests, lakes, streams. You can put your trust in Ed. He is the best."


"Ed is dedicated and knowledgeable. Eradicating invasive Buckthorn is a serious matter and delaying its removal will cause a larger problem. Buckthorn spreads quickly and in my situation, a large wooded area located on my farm was overrun with Buckthorn in a very short period of time. Ed designed a specific plan of attack and worked diligently cutting, removing and applying special herbicide to the Buckthorn cut stumps. I appreciate Ed's excellent work and highly recommend him."

Dennis Carpenter

Todd County Conservationist of the year award winner 2017

"What a great company. Ed and his crew are so knowledgeable. He really cares about creating a thriving environment and not just buckthorn removal."

Hallie Bershow

"Ed’s group did an amazing job removing invasive species from my yard, but being aware of maintaining the natives. They are a wonderful group who cares about the natural environment. I highly recommend them."

Carol Graham

"Friendly, professional, hardworking crew! Did a great job removing buckthorn!"

Bev Norling

"Ed's team is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and careful. Just great!!" 

Caprice Bart

"Ed is very knowledgeable about invasive weeds and native restoration. I find his enthusiasm to be contagious! I also really appreciated his help with my grant application."

Ginny Briol

"Ed and his staff are trustworthy and competent."

Mike Kennedy

"Ed's Buckthorn Control is a company that cares."

Lake Forest Townhomes

Ed is a most knowledgeable and professional person."

Keith Hakkala


Karena Nafstad

"Timely, professional service, great communication, hard working crew and delivered results as promised."

Lee Jacobsohn

"Ed and his crew did an amazing job taking care of our wild area. The non-native/invasive plants are gone now, and we can’t wait to see the natives take over! The entire team was pleasant and knowledgeable. We are very pleased with their work!"

Abbie Lesher

"Thank you for caring about the work you do! Your knowledge, personal style and hard work make a very happy customer!"

Elaine Wilson

"Great crew and great work!"

Randy Mason

"Ed is very thoughtful and considerate. He listens to a customer’s requests and provides good recommendations and service."

Jorge Lomeli

"Wonderful team...communicate well, very knowledgeable, professional, punctual and hard working to make sure the job is done perfectly! Ed’s came highly recommended to us and we have been VERY happy with our own experience, will gladly pay it forward and recommend them whenever I can!"

Delina Sarazine

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