Scope of Services

Meeting Your Woodland's Unique Needs

Invasive Weed Removal

Professional Service

Our priority is to nurture and restore the beautiful native forest by removing buckthorn and other noxious weeds recognized by the Department of Agriculture to be devastating to our natural landscape.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Transforming Noxious Waste Into Green Energy

To stop the spread of buckthorn, the weed seeds must be removed and handled properly. We contain the reproductive parts and transport them to a USDA certified site for noxious weeds and diseased plants to be converted into bio-fuel for the power plant or a heat source for greenhouses, so your pests are sentenced to serve!

Forest Restoration

Add and Nurture Desirable Plants

The whole reason to fight invasive plants is to restore the native plants that belong in our shared forest. At the same time as reducing the spread and infiltration of buckthorn, we replace and encourage native herbaceous plants and woody shrubs and trees.

Invasive plant control is an ongoing battle due to the "seed bank" in the soil teeming with deposits from mother plants each year. By using an "integrated pest management" method, we will create the plan for your woodlot that is the most successful and cost effective over time.


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